General Comics Information

Comic Book Resources - The resource for comic book fans: Great site with news, links, interviews, and more.

Comic Book Network - Home of the Comic Book Net Electronic Magazine.


Fred Hembeck (appearing in every issue)

Fred Hembeck - Fred's official page featuring samples of commissions he's done.

The Hembeck Files - Hembeck Daily Planet strips (originally published in various DC comics) with some nice new coloring and commentary by webmaster Neil Polowin.


Issue #1: Joe Kubert

Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning - Joe Kubert's official home page, including information on the Kubert School and his correspondence courses.

Graham Nolan's Compass Comics - If you enjoyed Graham Nolan's interview in this issue, check out his home page.


Issue #2: Bernie Wrightson - The official Bernie Wrightson Web Site.

Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Artist Biographies - Berni Wrightson - Make sure to check out their other bios too.

The Incomplete Bernie Wrightson Checklist - This site features a Bernie Wrightson checklist and biography.


Issue #3: Neal Adams - The official Neal Adams/Continuity Studios home page.

The Neal Adams Homepage (Unofficial) - Including a checklist, art, bio and more.

X-Men Cover Gallery (including several Adams covers) - Part of The Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index.


Issue #4: John Romita

Spider-Man Cover Gallery (including many Romita covers) - Part of The Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index.

RomitaMan Original Art - Art for sale by Mike Burkey, Romita fan extroadinaire.


Issue #5: John Byrne

The Unofficial John Byrne Fan Site - Great site, featuring a Byrne checklist, gallery, interviews, and much more.

The John Byrne Dedication Page - Another site loaded with art.

Distinctive Original Art - Jim Warden's Web Site, featuring lots of Byrne art for sale.


Issue #6: Gene Colan

Gene Colan's Virtual Studio - The official Gene Colan page, with bio, checklist, interviews, art for sale, and his correspondence courses.


Issue #7: Michael William Kaluta

Illustrations and other works by Michael William Kaluta - Includes a checklist and links. - The official Kaluta site is currently under construction, but it contains some other links.


A Tribute to Archie Goodwin

Archie Goodwin Checklist - Checklist of many of Archie's writings maintained by Bob Heer.

Al Williamson and Archie Goodwin - Part of the Homeroom site, featuring information and audio clips from an interview with Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson.

The School of Visual Arts - All proceeds from this issue are going to support the scholarship fund that's been set up in Archie's honor at the School of Visual Arts (SVA).

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